9 Reasons Why You Should Drink Cucumber Water Every Day!

Cucumber water is one drink that you’ll want to consider the next time you’re feeling thirsty. It not only helps genuinely hydrate the body, it can help you feel better overall, and even look better. Here are all of the benefits you’ll reap, and some recipes to help you along.

Cucumber water has been around for a very long time – years before the fruit infused water craze began.Water with cucumber has been served at day spas and health clubs all over the world for decades, mostly due to its health benefits and great taste.Not only is this simple recipe yummy, but cucumbers look oh so pretty when sliced and placed neatly in a pitcher of water and ice.


  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cucumber
  • The juice of one lemon
  • 3 mint leaves
  • Ice


All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and it’s ready. It’s that simple! To take full advantage of all the cucumber’s beneficial properties, which we’ll detail below, drink while fresh.

  1. Cucumber water decreases fat
    Drinking a glass of cucumber water when you’re hungry can help you make it until your next meal if it’s not quite mealtime. Eating when you’re not actually hungry can lead to weight gain, sluggishness, and can throw you off your natural eating cycle. When you feel hunger coming on before it’s time to eat again, see if you’re just thirsty. Thirst and hunger use the same signal, and drinking cucumber water can help determine if it’s really hunger that you’re dealing with. Saving yourself from just a few unwarranted meals a week can be a big boost to your health.
  2. Hydrate
    Cucumbers contain silica, which provides extra benefits to the skin. Use cucumber water during a detox program and you’ll be helping the body out even more. It contains antioxidants that will help battle free radicals, and helps the body flush out built-up toxins thanks to its hydrating effect.
  3. Reduce blood pressure
    If you want the real benefit of cucumbers, take them off your eyes and pop them into the juicer (not the same ones!) Cucumber juice can help with your skin, just like slices, but it’s actually more beneficial in reducing your high blood pressure. So, before you go on a dangerous blood pressure medicine, or if your meds aren’t working as well as they should, try drinking a nice, tall glass of refreshing cucumber juice.
  4. Benefits for the skin
    It is believed that cucumber helps in reducing swelling around the eyes or the big dark circles under your eyes. This is world-wide treatment which is being used to its maximum extent.
    Cucumbers are the most wonderful and natural eye pads you can find for yourself. The puffiness and the tiredness in your eyes may just leave you, if you do this in a relaxed fashion. These natural eye pads do wonders after a long days work.
  5. Reduce your appetite
    Rather than filling your stomachs with crackers, chips and other snacks while feeling an urge to eat, try eating cucumber that will surely help you reduce weight. Cucumber is taken with food as part of salads but it can exclusively act as an appetite suppressant. This fruit is packed with large water content that makeup for hydration loss of our body.
  6. Help your muscles
    Cucumber water nourishes the muscles with essential nutrients such as manganese and silicon. If you are looking to build up or strengthen your muscles, including two glasses of cucumber water in your hectic day is a must, especially when you exercise.
  7. Say goodbye to bags under your eyes
    Cucumber has skin lightening agents and acts as the best astringent. Cucumber is very quick in treating dark circles and one can rely on it completely for this purpose. It is a very good skin toner as well. Cut the cucumber into thick slices and place them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Remove them and place them on the affected area for at least 10 minutes. Wash it off with normal water.
  8. Cucumber water improves gum health
    There are a lot of health benefits of cucumber water. To start, water helps flush and detox your body, it keeps you feeling more full so you don’t eat as much, and even helps increase your metabolism.
  9. Care for your hair and nails
    Cucumbers are very high in silicon, which is essential for building and maintaining strong nails, bones, teeth and promoting hair growth. Cucumbers are also a good source of vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin K, the vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, folic acid and last, but not least potassium!

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