Banana Peels: The Best Remedy For Psoriasis, Warts And Wrinkles!

The potassium in banana peels is thought to help whiten your teeth. Choose a banana that looks just ripe, which is when the potassium levels are optimal. Open it from the bottom end upward, then rub the inside of the peel against your teeth until they’re completely coated in banana paste.



Banana peels to lighten the teeth

They do not have the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners have and best of all they are inexpensive. Brush your teeth as usual with a natural toothpaste or you can use the banana peel first and then brush. Take a piece of the inside of the banana peel and gently rub around on your teeth for about 2 minutes.

Remove warts

Cover the area with the banana peel, placing the inner surface of the peel against the wart. Tape the peel in place using medical tape, leave on overnight, and remove in the morning. Repeat the treatment every night until the wart disappears, which may take as long as three weeks, depending on severity.

A face free of acne and wrinkles

Take a small piece of banana peel and rub it on the affected area for a few minutes until the inside of the peel turns brown.As it dries, your skin will absorb the vitamins and nutrients in the peel. I leave it on for about 30 mins. and then wash it off with warm water. At night, I just leave it on overnight, then wash off in the morning.

Treat psoriasis

In general, banana peel has minerals and antioxidants that protect the skin from external damages such as the sun’s heat and keep it supple. To be specific, banana peel consists of esterified fatty acids which have the cure for eczema and psoriasis.

Banana peels as an analgesic

Another great way in which you can use banana peel is to use it as an analgesic which will help you cure sores. Just rub the sore spot with banana peel and both the sore and the pain will disappear in just 30 minutes.

Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious.They contain several essential nutrients, and have benefits for digestion, heart health and weight loss.Aside from being very nutritious, they are also a highly convenient snack food.

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