Four Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Healthy And Fit!

Healthy living is within your reach, starting today. Sure, healthy living is a long-term commitment, not a flash-in-the-pan fad. But there are steps you can take right now that will make today healthier than yesterday and pave the way for healthy living tomorrow, too. Some say that 4 lifestyle habits—not smoking, not being obese, 30 minutes of exercise a day, and eating plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and little or no meat—can in effect turn back the clock 14 years.

If You Eat Like A Sumo Wrestler, You Will Look Like A Sumo Wrestler

But you can’t gain a whole lot of weight on the traditional Japanese diet, so to bulk up, sumo wrestlers eat their own special type of food. It’s called chankonabe. Chankonabe is essentially a stew served in a giant pot (nabe means pot) and is a staple of the sumo wrestler diet.

Warmth Is Life

Those that have ever tried a raw food diet or have had to eat cold oatmeal on a cold day will know that sometimes, the body simply needs some heat. Even if raw foods make you feel extremely energized and amazing, at times, the body will call for some warm comfort, and there’s a reason why. Cold foods slow down the digestive process a bit, even though raw fruits and vegetables contain more enzymes than cooked vegetables. Sure, raw foods and their benefits are important, but the balance of temperatures in your foodcan also make a huge difference in your overall health.

Avoid Drinking Liquids During Your Meal

Drinking liquids during your meal dilutes your naturally occurring digestive enzymes and stomach acids which makes it harder to breakdown food. Stomach acids are dissipated with the act of consuming liquids with solids because water is excreted faster than solids. If you are chewing adequately (creating saliva), you should be able to eat comfortably without lots of liquids. Allow your saliva to naturally help you swallow your food.

A Hot Bath Prolongs Your Life

Taking a good soak in a hot bath is one of these things. Soaking in hot water is more powerful than one might think. In fact, there are quite a few definite healthbenefits to be gained. Dipping the body in hot water to the neck is kind of an exercise for your blood vessels.

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