Healthiest Fast Food: What To Eat When You’re On the Go


Wendy’s might not be as globally recognized as some of the other burger joints that we’ve looked at, but the chain has a huge presence here in the United States. Wendy’s was one of the first burger chains to expand their menu beyond burgers and fries, adding salads and other items. One of the old staples of Wendy’s that dieticians have approves is the baked (or sweet) potato and chili combo (without the cheese sauce). Even keeping the sour cream that Wendy’s offers makes this a 500 calorie meal that’s fairly low in fat, while balancing carbs and proteins.

Pizza Hut

Eating pizza can be damaging to just about any diet, as it can be hard to stick with just one piece. The largest pizza chain in the world, Pizza Hut, has tried to come out with some options that are more diet friendly. If you’re looking to cut calories, stick with the Thin ‘N Crispy pizzas they offer. Many of their slices are 180 calories, including the pepperoni and mushroom, veggie lover’s and ham and pineapple. Once again, you could lose the cheese to really save a lot of calories on your pizza, but that’s usually sacrilegious to do to pizza unless you’re lactose intolerant.

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