Do Your Boyfriend Too Controlling?

In the beginning, you thought he was the perfect prince charming. He made you feel special, he was incredibly smart, he made you laugh and was kind, but as time went on, things began to change. You didn’t see the signs at first because you considered him a decisive man who knew what he wanted and had no problem speaking his mind. He was confident and all those subtle suggestions he gave about your hair, outfit, friends and they way you cooked were just helpful.


Unfortunately, your prince charming has changed into a complete and total control freak. He manipulates you, criticizes you, and makes demands. His behavior is weighing on you and you only wish you noticed the signs of a controlling boyfriend sooner. Once you break free of this relationship, you want to know how to avoid another like it in the future. We’ve created a list that will help you do just that.

Signs of Controlling Boyfriends You Need to Know

1. He tries to keep you from your friends

It isn’t uncommon for many people to neglect their friends when they get into a relationship, but your controlling boyfriend will try to choose who you can and who you cannot hang out with. He will start by saying he thinks they are a bad influence, then move on to keeping you from staying in contact with them.

2. He’ll put you down

He points out your flaws in how you look, act and how you do things. He will begin to tear you down and make you feel like you are not competent enough to do anything right or on your own. As the relationship continues, he will make you feel like you are unable to do anything without him and you will begin to lose any self-confidence you had.

3. He needs to know where you are

This isn’t just when you go to work or class, he wants to know everything little thing you do. If you go out for some coffee in the middle of your work day, you better let him know or there will be consequences later.

4. You aren’t allowed to have fun

If he isn’t there, he will make you feel guilty about having any fun. He’ll sulk around for days and be in a really bad mood. When he finally tells you what has been bothering him, he will make it your fault by either saying you ignore him or don’t make enough time for him.

5. He loves proving his point

One of the signs of a controlling boyfriend is you hear “I told you so” often. If he doesn’t like someone you hang out with or something you do, he will wait for the perfect time to rub his point of view in your face, no matter how inappropriate the timing is.

6. He doesn’t celebrate your accomplishments

Unless he was the reason for you accomplishing something important, he will act like it is meaningless. If you get a promotion, receive an award or pass a class you struggled in, you won’t hear a congratulations from him.

7. Nothing is ever his fault

He will never admit to being wrong and no matter what, he blames everything that happens on someone or something else, most often to you. His mistakes? He will shrug off because they aren’t ever his fault. But your mistakes? He will remind you of constantly.

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