How Do You Know You Are Dating a Man with Financial Problems and What Can You Do for That?

4. He Is Often Unemployed

Losing a job once can happen, losing multiple jobs is another problem. If your guy seems to be unemployed more than he is employed, this should be a concern. While the economy can be to blame in some instances, if he is being fired or quitting his jobs regularly, this can be a sign of unreliability and lack of responsibility.

What Should You Do?

Dating a guy with financial problems because he can’t hold a job for long can be a major problem in many relationships. If his lack of employment is due to the type of work he does or a recession, you need to express your concerns to him. If he gets defensive or just gives you another excuse, then you might want to recommend that he seek help.

5. He’s Not Interested in Getting Married

Not every guy sees themselves walking down the aisle and this isn’t always because of his financial situation. This can, however, indicate a commitment issue and not just with you. Marriage is known to help improve finances and can bring couples closer together as they pool their fund for savings and making plans to invest in their future together.

What Should You Do?

You may be on the same page as far as marriage goes and you may agree that marriage isn’t something you want, but that doesn’t mean you should be building a future together. Putting you month into savings together so you can buy a home, take a vacation or achieve a lifestyle you both want is something you might want to discuss with your guy.

6. He’s Gone Through a Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

A bankruptcy or past foreclosure is often a relationship killer. While it may have happened years ago, both of these scenarios indicate their finances go so out of hand that they had no other option. When you consider that a bankruptcy can hinder his career and get you turned down for a loan for the next ten years, this is something that will have a major impact on your future together.

What Should You Do?

Dating a guy with financial problems that include bankruptcy or foreclosure, you want to discuss what the cause of the bankruptcy or foreclosure was. Sometimes it can be from unexpected medical expenses or divorce. Consider whether or not the behavior that causes the financial crisis is likely to be repeated.

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