How Do You Know You Are Dating a Man with Financial Problems and What Can You Do for That?

7. He’s Lied About His Finances

You found out about a new credit card or a secret bank account. Maybe you saw a recent pay stub where he is making more money than he admits to making or caught him withdrawing money from your account, which are all red flags in any relationship. This can have you questioning what else he is keeping from you.

What Should You Do?

Maybe you have some financial secrets you need to be honest about as well. When it comes to hiding financial information, this is more of a trust problem that can get out of hand quickly. If you want to build an honest relationship with this guy, then you need to sit down and talk about all the things both of you may be keeping from each other.

8. He Always Seems to Ask Others for Money

Have you noticed that he always seems to be asking friends or family to loan him some money? He makes promises to repay the money but never does? This can be a concern for a number of reasons, one of which is he might think the world owes him something that he doesn’t have to work for or pay back.

What Should You Do?

Have a stern talk with him. The best way to approach this situation is to tell him how his borrowing, especially if he has money, is a concern. You might want to recommend a therapist if his behavior doesn’t seem to change.

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