Possible Reasons of Feeling Like Having No Friends

Feeling lonely and isolated is something we have all coped with at some point. Whether it’s because you are embarking on a new stage in your life or the friends you used to see every day have new responsibilities, you might find yourself saying “I have no friends” sometimes. It can be easy to fall into a depressive state when you feel alone, but there is often a reason behind why you feel you have lost some friend suddenly and also some ways to gain and keep friends.


Why Don’t You Have Friends?

1. How you act

When you meet new people or are out with your friends, do you feel uncomfortable? Do you often come off as being shy to those who don’t really know you? The way you present yourself is the way others will perceive you and will often feel the same towards you. If you feel uncomfortable around people, there is a good chance this makes them feel uncomfortable around you. So try to be a little outgoing next time.

2. Insecurity

If you feel as though you don’t fit in with your group of friends, chances are you making yourself stand out. If you have a hard time trusting people, this will also hinder your abilities to make lasting friendships. Constantly putting up walls or barriers so others never get to really know you will make them less interested in actually getting to know you.

3. Introvert or extrovert

Most introverts will find it difficult to make friends simply because they prefer to be alone. Extroverts can also find it difficult to make and keep friends because they are overly social and try to meet many new people.

4. Psychological issues

Feeling uncomfortable when people get too close to you or having a long history of having difficulty maintaining intimate relationships can be one of the reasons you have few friends.

5. Inexperience

Not everyone possesses the social skills to make friends and build strong friendships. No matter how young or old you are, this can be an issue that leaves you thinking “I have no friends”.

6. Your location

Moving to a new location can always leave you feeling a little lonely. Living in an area where there are not many opportunities to meet new people can also have you feeling like you are unable to make friends.

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