Possible Reasons of Feeling Like Having No Friends

10. Don’t make time

You might just have too much going on in your life that you don’t realize you aren’t making the time to make friends or hang out with the ones you have.


Then How to Make and Keep Friends

1. Have patience

Not all friends are going to blossom overnight. When you find yourself saying “I have no friends”, it might be because you aren’t investing enough in your relationships. Some relationships take more time to develop so you have to have patience.

2. Opposites attract

You might need to look outside of the typical box when it comes to finding friends. While you may be looking for individuals who have a lot of similarities with you, you could be missing out on some amazing friendships with those who have opposite interest. Look for those who like different things and you will have a whole new experience.

3. Let go

You might be trying to keep a friendship alive but not all of them are worth it. Some friendships will only bring you down and there is no room left to grow. Don’t feel bad about ending friendships that are no longer fulfilling.

4. Expand your circle

Don’t turn down an opportunity to meet your friend’s friends. Chances are if you like your friend, then you are more likely to get along with their other friends. You never know what lasting friendships you can make simply by being open to meeting new people.

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