Possible Signs That You’re Dealing with an Abusive Man

9. Sudden mood swings or overly sensitive

One of the signs of an abusive man includes how quickly his mood and temperament changes. You may feel like you are walking on eggshells around him because of how suddenly his mood can change. Eventually, you may even feel afraid to be around him because you never know what might set his explosive behavior off.

Sudden mood swings or overly sensitive

10. Verbally abusive

The abuse doesn’t have to just be physical, most times it is the verbal abuse that starts first. Men who are abusive will find ways to put you down all the time. They may not do it so bluntly at first or all the time, but you will notice comments that he makes that are meant to make you feel insecure or inferior.

11. Controlling with sex

Just as with all his other needs, an abuser will expect you to satisfy him in the bedroom as well, whenever he wants it. When it comes to sex, an abusive man will care very little if you want to have sex and will demand sex even if you are ill, tired, or just not in the mood.

12. Keeps you isolated

Keeps you isolated

You may notice how your abuser seems to have an issue with everyone you know; family, friends, coworkers? He’ll begin to demand you stop hanging out with certain friends, accuse your family of trying to break you two up, keep your phone away from you, and slowly will begin to keep you more and more isolated.

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