Possible Signs That You’re Dealing with an Abusive Man

13. Have a past of violence

One of the clear signs of an abusive man is his past abusive behavior. He may admit to being abusive in his past relationships, but justifies the abuse by blaming the other person for making him do it or blame it on the situation or environment. Remember, the abuser won’t take the blame for his actions, so there will always be an excuse.

14. Violent threats

He may begin to speak more violently towards you or threaten to harm you in some way. Even if the threats sound impossible or over exaggerated, take them seriously. An abusive man will use threats of violence as a means to control you even more.

15. Become violent during arguments

Become violent during arguments

Whether it is throwing or breaking objects, holding you or hitting you, an abusive man will become physical abuse when he is angry. They will use force during an argument to get you to listen or agree with their side.

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