Should You Get Back With Your Ex?

It will be hard to get back with someone who you resent or who resents you. If there are any feelings of resentment over who broke up with who or any other reasons the relationship ended, this isn’t the best sign that you should try to work things out.


How have you changed since the breakup?

When people split up for any amount of time, there is typically some changes that take place. Consider how you have grown and what goals you’ve been able to accomplish while no in a relationship. You might find that you are better off without this person, especially if they haven’t made any improvements with themselves like you have.

Do you take some time to think about it?

Before jumping back in a relationship with your ex, you want to let some time pass. If you have allowed time to pass since your split, this gives you both the opportunity to work on the things that you needed to improve in yourself and make you think clearly about your feeling toward him or this relationship.

Why get back with him?

When you ask yourself “should I get back with my ex?”, you also want to ask why you want to get back with this person. You need to have a more concise answer besides just caring about each other. A successful relationship doesn’t just consist of loving each other. You need support, trust, and an equal give and take.

Put effort or not?

Whether it’s rebuilding a relationship with you ex or starting a new one with someone new, both parties need to put an effort into making the relationship work. If you aren’t willing to put in the effort or know they aren’t willing to put in the effort, there is no real reason you should want to get back with your ex.

Only for sex?

If your main reason for getting back with your ex is to sleep with them, then save yourself the frustrations. If you aren’t willing to have a relationship that is no more than a sexual one, then you shouldn’t even be considering getting back with your ex.

What’s the opinion of your family and friends?

When you and your ex split, did you talk badly about him to everyone you know? Most often, getting back with your ex will give you the additional stress of having to explain your decision to your friends and family. If you trash talked him after your breakup, you might want to consider how your friends and family will act around them as well.

The best or the worst?

Every relationship is bound to bring out our best qualities or our worst qualities. Thinking about which you ex brought out in you. Should I get back with my ex if they didn’t make me feel like my best self? No, you shouldn’t. Chances are they won’t bring out the best in you this time either.

You want the same things or not?

Some relationships end simply because it’s not the right time and you both don’t want the same things. As time passes, people change and so do the things they want. If you and your ex want the same things from the future, now it can be the right timing to start things over.

Have dated other people but don’t think it good?

Breaking up with your ex might have seemed like the best idea at the time, but now that time has passed, you might realize it was a huge mistake. If you and your ex have been dating other people and you both realize that it’s just not the same as it was in your relationship, this might be a sign you should try to rekindle what you had with each other.

You both want to work it out or not?

Some people aren’t quick to give a relationship a second chance. If you and your ex are both willing and able to start over and learn from the mistakes you made the first time around, then you can give it a try. You both have to want to work on the relationship without rehashing the past though.

You’re better together or not?

After time has passed, you both might realize you are absolutely miserable without each other. While these feelings are common just after the break up, if they linger for months afterward, you might want to try to work through the problems that made you two split in the first place, especially if you both know you’ll be happier together.

What do your friends think?

Should I get back with my ex even if my friends keep talking badly about him? Unless they were a complete and total jerk after the breakup, it is uncommon for your friends to try to bash them to make you feel better. While they mean well, this is typically a sign that they don’t think you should be with them.

You regret the relationship or not?

A clear sign that you might want to give you ex a second chance is if you have no regrets about the relationship. If they were a terrible person, you will often ask why you were with them in the first place. If you would do all over again without any regrets, you might want to try to work things out.

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