Signs Your Boyfriend Is Overprotective

While girls do love a man who can make them feel protected, too much of anything is never a good thing. Even if you like someone, it still makes no sense to ignore their overprotective behavior. Understand that things will take a nosedive eventually, which is why you need to know the signs of an overprotective boyfriend and consider walking out of a relationship if he is not willing to change his behavior.


Signs of an Overprotective Boyfriend

Just like there is different between being obsessed and being romantic, there is also difference between being possessive and being caring. Your boyfriend may think he is only try to take good care of you, but you know that his ‘obsession’ with you is suffocating you and affecting your personal life. Here are some signs to tell if you are dealing with an overprotective man.

He Wants Your Life to Revolve Around Him

This is a classic sign of an obsessive boyfriend. He does not want to understand the fact that you have your own life as well and are independent enough to do certain things by yourself. He wants to be around you all the time, saying that he wants to protect you. Surely, you will soon find this behavior quite unbearable.

He Wants You to Answer Him Always

What it means is that your boyfriend wants you to be available any time he wants. He wants you to be on his beck and call. He wants you to be around him even when you are out having dinner with other friends. He does not care if you have been in the middle of an important conversation. All he cares is a quick reply to his call or text messages. If you do not respond quickly enough, he gets upset. You may want to think twice before continuing with such a relationship.

He Is Jealous of Your Friends

Do you find your boyfriend accusing you of flirting whenever he sees you talking to another guy? That may well be a sign he is overprotective. Things are seriously bad when he constantly tells you to avoid interaction with other boys because he ‘thinks’ that they all have a crush on you. No matter how hard you try to prove your love, he will never be able to change his jealous nature.

He Stalks You

Know that you are dealing with an overprotective boyfriend if he does not mind stalking you because he wants to know of every little thing you do. He may also ask you to share your passwords for all your social media accounts or find a way to log into your accounts without your knowledge. He may also do not mind checking your internet browser history to know what you have been doing on your computer.

He Wants to Choose Your Friends

A controlling boyfriend wants full control over your private life and even goes on to saying that you should not make friends with guys. He may even tell you to stop meeting your best female friend if he thinks she is not a good influence on you. He might criticize your friends and even bring up old issues you may have had with them to keep you from continuing with your friendship.

He Intimidates You

You may think that you need to listen to your boyfriend, but you should understand that you have your own life as well. An overpowering boyfriend would tell you how to spend your day or who your friends should be, and when you do not listen to him, he becomes aggressive and scares you in different ways.

He Tells You What to Wear

That is another sign of an overprotective and overpowering boyfriend. He wants you to dress the way he likes and does not care much about what you want to wear. If you wear something by your own choice, he may criticize you and tell you why he thinks it is not appropriate.

He Makes You Think He Loves You

Even if he does, he just does not know how to express it. Or, you can say that he tries to express his love in the wrong way by being aggressive and overprotective. Every time you complain about his toxic behavior, he rejects your concerns saying, «It is all just love.» Do not let him use that love card again and seriously think of walking out of a toxic relationship.

He Reacts Aggressively to Your Words

Another sign that you are living with a possessive boyfriend is that he reacts in a bad way to things that you say on a lighter note. He takes your jokes seriously. Similarly, he will also be sensitive towards the words you say while talking to your friend or someone you know.

He Knows He Is Always Right

To make a relationship work, both partners need to understand the importance of making compromises. You just cannot be right all the time, but that is not the case with overprotective boyfriends. He will not miss an opportunity to show you that he is always right and you do not know as much as he does. Know that you are in a toxic relationship if your boyfriend tries to be a «Mr. Know all» all the time.

He Resorts to Verbal Abuse

An overprotective man will never mind resorting to verbal abuse when you do not listen to him. Some will give you a silent treatment after you do something they do not like, while others will treat you with verbal abuse when they see you are working against their will.

He Becomes Violent

Another sign of an overprotective man is that he does not mind becoming violent when he sees you doing something that he does not like. He would not mind hurting you physically to «teach you a lesson» for your «disobedience». If physical abuse is part of your relationship, you should think seriously of walking out of it.

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