Tips to Become a Confident Man to Attract Girls

8. You’re honest

How to be a confident man? This means being uncomfortable sometimes. You can either say what everyone wants to hear or you can be honest. Remember, however, while you are being honest, expect her to be honest with you and sometimes that will mean having to hear things you might not rather hear. Always wanting to please your woman isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are some instances where you need to be honest.

You're honest

9. You do what you say

Along with being honest, you also follow through on what you say. You can’t prove that you are a confident man when you never act on what you say. Not only will this show that you are not confident, it also shows that you are not reliable or very trustworthy. No woman wants to waste their time on a guy that she can’t rely on. If you say you are going to do something, then do it.

10. You stand next to her

A confident man won’t hide behind his woman or walk through life one step behind. A confident man stands next to his woman and this is about mutual respect. You want o show that you will overcome the difficulties in life as partners. When you stand next to your woman, you show that you are there as her equal not as someone less than her, no matter how beautiful or more accomplished she may be.

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