What Happens When Your Best Friend Has a Boyfriend?

You’ve been so used to just the two of you hanging out every weekend. Sipping wine, lounging around in whatever is comfortable when you’re over her house… but now she has a boyfriend. It’s no longer going to be the two of your loving and hating the single status together. You might even feel a little left out now that she has someone else to share her time with. Plenty of things are bound to change, you may ask «what should I expect and do when my best friend has a boyfriend», read on to find out.

What Changes When Your Best Friend Has a Boyfriend?


You spend more time with yourself

You will suddenly have more time to yourself. While at times this can be lonely, it gives you the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby or do something else just for you.

You get a little jealous

You love that she is so happy in her new relationship, but there are times when you aren’t so happy seeing her so happy. Watching her being all lovey dovey is bound to make you a little nauseous every once in a while.

She’ll want you to find someone too

She wants to hang out with you more but since she is always with him, she’ll be on a mission to find you a boyfriend as well. She’ll try hooking you up with his friends, cousins or just about anyone so that you guys can double date.

You’ll get tired of hearing about him

Most of your conversations are going to revolve around what they did together. You’ll have to get used to her talking about him non-stop, for at least the first month or two.


You won’t get their humor

Sure you and your best friend will have your own inside jokes that you find hilarious, but she’ll also have inside jokes with him now too. And since you won’t get them, you won’t find them funny.

You’ll pretend to be excited about their relationship

My best friend has a boyfriend, YAY! However, you’ll have to start practicing getting overly excited about all the details of their dates and times together.

Her texts will be shorter

You’ll know when they are out together because her texts will be short and simple. This will happen more times than you anticipate.

Going to the movies won’t be as fun

Most likely she will have already seen that movie you’ve been dying to see with her boyfriend. Sure, she’ll go with you to see it again but she’ll most likely give away all the good parts before they happen.

Listening to music gets awkward

If it’s a love song, you won’t expect to get a cuddly and cute hug with each other.

You’ll be the third wheel

Every time you want to hang out with, he will most likely be there too. You’ll feel awkward and more like you are intruding in on their time together.

You try to make new friends

You start looking for other people to hang out with since her time is always consumed with her boyfriend.

You’ll feel like you are bothering them

There will be times when you get the impression that they don’t want you around.

You’ll be sad

You feel like you’ve lost your best friend at times. This can lead to a lot of time crying alone.

You’ll feel lonely

You won’t want to let her know that you are feeling more and more left out because you want to be supportive of the relationship.

Listening to break up songs won’t be the same

You two use to belt out all those angry breakup songs together. But now, you will always say «my best friend has a boyfriend and she won’t be as into these heartbreak songs as she was before».

You watch more TV

You try to make new friends, start a new hobby but nothing keeps your mind distracted for long. You may end up watching more television shows to keep your mind preoccupied.

You try to break them up

You might be thinking of ways to get them to break up and even if you don’t actually act on any of these plans, you will secretly be wishing they would.

The thought that you might be a little crazy crosses your mind

Your best friend is always to see other peoplenow. However, it is crazy of you to think that she would never find a great guy to date.

You support the relationship

As time passes by, you will begin to accept the relationship she has simply because you really do want her to be happy.

You will actually like him

Over time you might actually grow to like her boyfriend because maybe you two share some same interest. This can cause you to worry when they have a fight or she talks about breaking up with him because secretly you don’t want her to.

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