What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Grieving

Being in a long-term relationship will take you and your partner through some of the greatest moments in your lives and some of the most traumatic, too. Your partner will often turn to you first when they get good news and bad ones. While this is a great indication of how strong your relationship is, this can also be an overwhelming position to be in. When they turn to you when they are grieving, you may be lost as to how to help them through this difficult time. This can be challenging, but with the tips in this article, you can be there better when he needs you the most.

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Grieving

How to Be There for Your Boyfriend When He’s Grieving?

1. Let them cry it out

Crying is a part of the grieving process, and most guys try to hide the tears. You want to be supportive when your boyfriend is grieving even if it means sitting with them as they cry it out. Avoid telling them not to cry as this is often taking as you’re saying they aren’t allowed to feel how they feel.

2. Respond honestly

Your number one response is going to be “everything will be OK”. While this can seem like the best thing to say, it isn’t very genuine and your partner is probably thinking things won’t be OK. It is better, to be honest with them and let them know that you’re not sure how you can help or what to say, but that you are there to support them in any way possible.

3. Be silent

When your partner is grieving, the best thing you can do is simply be there for them. You don’t need to find the right words to say, just be there. Spend time with your boyfriend in silence and let him go through his grieving process with the comfort of knowing that you are there for him.

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