What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Grieving

4. Listen

How to be there for your boyfriend when he’s grieving? It will require you let your partner know that you are there for them whenever they are ready to talk, even if it means they’re saying the same thing over and over.


5. Take on more of the responsibilities

Whether it’s doing the grocery shopping or doing more of the cooking, your partner needs you to step up more for them. While they are grieving, it can be hard for them to think about the little daily tasks they need to do, so take the lead and do it for them at that time.

6. Be the go-to person

If your boyfriend has lost a close family member, they are bound to be bombarded with phones calls, messages, gifts and more. While they are all sweet gestures, this can be incredibly difficult for your partner to handle. Step up and be their spokesperson so they can focus on healing.

7. The grieving process will last a long time

Yes, eventually they will stop crying. They will get back into the regular routine they used to have. They will even laugh and smile again, but the grief they feel will always be there. Be understanding that this grief can return for years to come especially around significant dates like holidays, birthdays or anniversary.

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