When a Girl Is Mad at You, What Should You Do?

You have to be in a relationship for long enough to understand what your girl is feeling at certain times. If you know her well, you will also know the signs suggesting that there is something bothering her or she is mad at you for some reason. Whatever the case, it is important to proceed carefully when a girl is mad at you because any rash step can hit your relationship hard. Trying to reason with her when she is in no mood to listen to you is never a good strategy. You have to take your time, understand the situation well, and then talk to your girlfriend to make things better. Let’s find out more about it.


Why Is a Girl Mad at You? Does It Matter?

When she is cold towards you, it usually means that she is angry because you have done or said something bad. It is natural for a girl to lash out with anger when she is hurt and feels powerless at the same time. She does it unconsciously because every girl wants to feel that you care for her and are mentally strong enough to bring her back to a place of love.

She may be feeling bad because your words or actions have made her feel rejected, and that rejection often makes her feel insecure. She will push you away when she feel insecure, and that is when you have to decide how to bring her back to you, if, of course you still want her back in your life.

When a Girl Is Mad at You, What Should You Do?

You can certainly do a number of things to make your girl feel secured and loved, but you can make several mistakes that could make things worse. For instance, it is never a good idea to get defensive, shout at her, tell her to relax, or simply leave the room. There are other better ways to calm her down and get things under control. Here are some suggestions.

Start with an Apology

Most people have no idea how apologies can make things better. Just make sure that you really mean what you say. You need to realize that you have done something wrong and it is perfectly fine to accept your fault. Just tell that you feel sorry for your actions and understand that your behavior was totally inappropriate. Be sure to tell her that you will not let anything like this happen again.

If you do not seem to have the courage to confront her, you can even write an apology letter. Do not forget to tell her how much you love and appreciate her. In case you have hurt someone she knows, it is equally important to apologize to them as well. You can send an apology letter to them and accept your mistake.

Do Not Overdo It

What it means is that you should apologize for what you have done wrong, but you should not overdo it. If you keep saying sorry, this is only going to irritate her and may make things worse. Say what you want to say and then excuse yourself. You can then go out of the room or even house to give her some time alone to think about your words. You should not do anything else until things cool off a bit.

Talk to Her the Next Day

Once you have said your piece, it is important to check in with her again the very next day. A short text message to start a small talk would really help you get an idea where things are going. Things will improve if you could get the conversation started on the right track.

And Remember Nerve Say the Following Words

It is true that you need to apologize and handle things carefully when a girl is mad at you, especially when you really care for her, but you should also know what you should never say to your angry girlfriend. Here are some examples.

I do not understand why you are so mad at me, what have I done?

Really, this is not the right way to calm things down. You are blaming her for getting mad at you, which is not the right thing to do. This can make things worse, especially if you have certainly done or said something hurtful.

I am very sorry for what I have done, so please tell me how I can make things right. I can do anything for you.

When you really love your girl and she is mad at you, it is only natural to go the extra mile to make her realize how sorry you are. You need to keep in mind that a groveling apology is not going to fix the issue; instead, you will put her in charge by taking a weak position, which she will not like as well.

Why are you ignoring my messages and calls?

Do not try to handle the situation by making you look innocent. You know you have done something wrong and that is why she is mad at you, so it is only going to annoy and irritate her when you ask why she is not answering your messages. Even if she is mad for no reason, she still needs some time alone to get to a conclusion and realize that she should not react so aggressively. While she is thinking about all this, do not try to confront her by asking about the reason she is not answering your calls.

Please forget about what happened and let’s go shopping to buy that dress you’ve always wanted.

Taking things too lightly can have repercussions. If you try to brush over what happened, you might make her feel even worse. When a girl is mad at you, know that you cannot make things right by distracting her with gifts, surprises, or promises. You have to address the real issue first.

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