Why Do Men Like Women’s Breasts?

There is no denying that men like to look at women. They are visual creatures and a woman’s body is one of the most intriguing forms to them since they vary from woman to woman. What men love the most about a woman’s body? The breast must be on the list. But why do boys like breasts so much? Is it just a physical appeal or is there more to it? Read on to learn more.

Why Do Men Like Breasts?


They like how they feel

While each man will have a preference for what size of breast they like, they all just like how they feel. They find comfort in the softness of a woman’s breast and this isn’t always just for sexual satisfaction. Men love to simple hold, caress or cuddle up to a woman’s breast.

They like how they look

There isn’t much to it. Men like breast just because of how they look. They get turned on by a woman’s curves and while not all men may be as into breast as others, they all notice a woman’s breast. Men are stimulated visually first and the sight of a woman’s breast is one thing that instantly captures their attention.

They like how they move

Simply staring at a pair of breasts is satisfaction enough for many, but men become even more infatuating in watching them move. They love how they shake, bounce, and wiggle with every movement. There is just something about the way breasts move that seems to captivate men.

They love to fantasize about them

Give them a little cleavage and a man will instantly start to wonder what your breasts look like when you aren’t dressed. Why do boys like breasts so much? They love the mystery of what they don’t initially see at first.

They are sexual

This should be obvious but it isn’t just for the man’s pleasure. While men love to touch and feel breast during sex, they also know how turned on a woman can get from stimulating her breast. They love to feel a woman’s chest for their own pleasure as much as for her pleasure and let’s not forget to mention how much more fun they make foreplay.

They don’t have them

It may sound simple and even a little silly, but one reason guys like breasts so much is that they don’t have them. Men tend to have flat chest and women no matter what have breasts. Some may be smaller, some may be larger, but they all have them.

They like cleavage

Men are fascinated by how perfectly a set of boobs work together to create the sexy cleavage line. Men associate cleavage with sex appeal. When they see it, they instantly begin to wonder what the rest of the woman looks like. While many women view too much cleavage as classless, showing a modest amount of cleavage can actually portray sophistication.

Breasts give comfort to men

When men cuddle or need comforting from a woman, they tend to position their head near or on the breast. They love the way breast make them feel when they are in need of some encouragement and comfort.

They remind them of their mother

Why do boys like breasts? One of the non-sexual reasons is because they remind them of their own mother. They recall the comfort and warmth their mother’s breast provided them as they were growing up,

They can be informative

Men pick up on the subtle clues sometimes that the breast can give. They can indicate what type of bra a woman is wearing, whether she is cold or whether she is getting turned on. Men love the way breasts can help them decipher a woman a little better.

Breast are a sign of fertility

While women don’t necessarily need bigger boobs to be fertile, men often associate larger breasts with fertility. Larger breasts trigger men to think that the woman is better for childbearing because she will be able to better nourish them.

It’s what makes women unique

Why do boys like breasts? Simple because it is what makes a woman’s figure so unique and beautiful. No matter the size breasts are, breast makes a woman a woman.

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