The story of 27-year-old Internet millionaire William Holland looks almost like a fairy tale but it really happened!

Looking at his perfectly tailored Alexander Amosu suit and new Rolex Sky-Dweller watch, I couldn’t believe that just a few months ago, William Holland was an unemployed guy with a $41,584 debt and only $500 in his pocket. Now he has 3,562,719 dollars on his bank account and makes even more money every day.

"I grew up in a poor family," tells William. "We were no different from many families living there: too many children, too little money. After I graduated high school, I didn’t even think about higher education - as an oldest child I wanted to help my parents and immediately got a job as a dustman. The money I made was barely enough. Then my mother became seriously ill and we needed money to pay for meds we couldn’t afford so I began borrowing from friends, then I took out a loan.

At first it was tolerable, my father and I tried to save small amounts of money and pay them to the bank, when all of a sudden I got fired. My father’s salary was never enough and I couldn’t get a job without a college degree. I remember the day I thought it was the end. I had the last $500 in my pocket walking down the street after another unsuccessful interview and I was trying not to cry.

What happened next still amazes me - I was scrolling through a job-search website, when one famous person’s face (I won’t tell their name so it won’t look like an ad) suddenly caught my attention. I was interested - I’ve long been a fan of them and have great respect for them. They suggested making money and that was just what I needed.

I followed the link, it turned out to be Crypto Genius crypto trade. By that time I’d heard only bad things about Bitcoin. My friends even mocked those who traded them. But then I thought that such a famous person couldn’t risk their good name for some fraud!

I decided to get to the truth. I read the information on the Crypto Genius website. I watched a tutorial video. The system seemed simple, I didn’t notice anything suspicious or illegal, but my friends’ words bothered me and undermined my confidence.

That night I couldn’t sleep, I was tossing and turning, trying to make a decision. In the morning I deposited $500 to the Crypto Genius account, watched the tutorial video again and began trading. Almost immediately I began making money.

I kept it a secret from everyone scared that I would lose all the money and be a laughing stock. I didn’t want to give my parents false hope. But I didn’t lose anything. In fact a month later, I told my family to pack their things as we were moving in a new apartment bought with the money I made.

So for those in despair: I know sometimes life is hard. Do not believe anyone’s words! Bitcoin the solution to all of your problems. If I had listened to my friends, I wouldn’t be here now ready to tell you how to earn money. You can do the same!"

“Sure, I have nothing to hide! I’m not a criminal, I’ve made this money by fair means. Maybe then those in doubt will see that it really works.”

I left smiling and happy William and for some time wondered what a strange thing our life is. That’s what you should think about: if a poor unemployed without higher education could earn millions then you can too for sure!

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Richard This William is a lucky guy! Reply . Like 5 . 13 April 19:45
Will Dude, he’s not lucky just clever enough to understand - a famous person wouldn’t sign up for some shit! Reply . Like 9 . 13 April 20:07
Marius dear god another unreal “success” story! i’m 35, still living with my parents and working for $20 a month. where is my luck?? Reply . Like 10 . 13 April 20:23
Charlie You should try doing something before saying that’s unreal. I’m not a millionaire like this William Holland guy, but I still make good money (enough for my family and me) trading. Reply . Like 3 . 13 April 20:58
Paul Do you trade this Crypto Genius? Reply . Like 4 . 13 April 21:07
Charlie Yeah. I’ve started trading another one, but that one isn’t even worth mentioning - total fraud. Crypto Genius is pretty decent. I usually make $1000 a week Reply . Like 6 . 13 April 21:21
Dan True! I've been trading Crypto Genius for 6 months already and my income is $800. Per day! I trade every day for 10 hours from home. Reply . Like 18 . 13 April 21:45
Zoe I’ve got an ill father-in-law and the meds are really expensive. And being unemployed… don’t even know how they lived in this hell every single day! I’m happy he found the way Reply . Like 5 . 13 April 22:04
Kevin Thanks for the article! I’ve just created an account and deposited my first [$10]... Reply . Like 11 . 13 April 22:20
Jack pfff who cares if those celebs doing something? Reply . Like 15 . 13 April 22:26
Marcus That’s so true! I started 4 weeks ago with $300 deposit and lost it all because I tried to guess :( Never try to guess! After I learnt from some information and advice by Crypto Genius , I made $300 deposit one more time and finally got my first payout of $5000! Fantastic!!! Reply . Like 17 . 13 April 23:46
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