SHAKEN Government: Discovery of NEW Underground Banking System That Can Make YOU Rich In Just 7 Days! (Seriously)

() - Birtain's Government is Shaking by the Discovery of NEW Underground Banking System

United Kingdom - You can now join a new underground banking system that known as The Crypto Genius that’s been gaining popularity here in United Kingdom. And what’s so incredible is how quickly a small deposit in this The Crypto Genius account can grow into a fortune – even in today’s ‘pay nothing’ interest world.

For example; one young man named John Harris just made a new deposit of £250 into his new The Crypto Genius account. About his amazing discovery he told reporters the following:

“Every morning, I went online.. and saw that the account grew!”

John was absolutely stunned at his good fortune. Only four months of growth and almost no effort on his part landed him more than £870,000. All from his initial deposit of less than £300 into the The Crypto Genius system. Below you can see John's bank statement -

John's Barclays Bank Statement

You might be surprised to know that… He didn’t park his money in any off-shore bank or risky foreign currency. And he didn’t buy stocks or anything else banks were trying to sell us in the past, all he did is using the The Crypto Genius system. In fact, in our 20-year experience of financial reporting we’d never seen anything like what John did with his money.

Instantly after reading his experiences, our CEO approved a team of 15 reputed financial journalists to lead a full research investigation.

The outcome of our Investigation shocked us. And our guess is that the results will shock you too.

More than 500,000 citizens of United Kingdom have opened accounts with the The Crypto Genius, in nearly every city in the country. Now, these people see absolutely huge gains on their account. Another young man, Tim Lewis, who just put £1,000 into his account watched it grow to nearly £5 million. Or Gemma Fox, whose initial deposit grew into a small fortune, which she used to buy a stunning 15 bedroom castle in Scotland.

Experts agree that simply by transferring a little of your money to these 100% free, reliable, secure and completely private accounts you will at least earn more than 50 times what a typical savings account, stock or anything else will pay you.

How to know whether this ‘underground’ The Crypto Genius account is ideal for you? Well, you don’t at first but if you have at least £250-£1000 on your savings account you have a moral commitment to your family – for your own welfare and that of your future generations – to at least look into one of these accounts.

How To Increase Your Wealth in the 21st Century

The first time this type of new bank account turned up in 2009, shortly after the credit, housing and banking crisis. It’s no secret that people all around the world were afraid what would happen to the financial system. That’s when this underground banking system began to become popular.

And unlike traditional banking, this system isn't bound to one specific government. It’s not bound to one specific currency and it’s not bound to any specific bank. So basically it is absolutely crisis proof.

And what’s really shocking... These accounts make everyday people all over the world extremely wealthy. Wether you’re an intern, teacher, manager or even unemployed. A small deposit of just £250 at the beginning of this month would have exploded into more than £22,500 today.

Our evidence shows this new underground bank account could create more millionaires in the coming year, than Google created the day it went public. Think over this: Back in 2013, only around 100,000 people held one of these accounts. Today more than 14 million are enjoying this new underground banking system.

The sum of money flowing in the system is increasing by the day. In fact, more than a year ago, roughly £100 million was parked in this underground system. Today it’s £30 billion and experts claim the market will expand into the Trillions within the next few years.

Our research has found even a few elite United Kingdomn bankers are quietly “dumping” the traditional banking system and are now parking their own money – much of their personal cash – deep down this underground banking system.

Because this account has nothing to do with gold, silver, stocks, bonds, options, or anything else you’ve likely heard of.. you won’t have to learn about complicated investments. You simply visit a website, (details provided at the bottom of this special report) fill in your details, open an account, and make any deposit. Then sit back and relax as little as £250 grow into £500, £1000, £5000 or even more.

The life-changing richness that everyday people have built by taking a chance on this revolutionary new ‘bank account’ is very real. Although you won’t hear about this on TV or in the news, many of the rich and powerful are already transferring cash towards their new account.

A possibility to jump in this early during a major paradigm shift will likely never happen again.

What’s even more fascination about these accounts is how wealthy bankers are using them not only to grow their own money but also to hide it – all transactions will be 100% anonymous and therefore this system provides complete privacy. And best of all United Kingdom government cannot access your account, even in times of financial crisis.

Why is that essential?

Everybody knows that the national debt has doubled in the last 10 years, and with BREXIT, Trump and the failure to patch up the international financial system after the last crash it’s just a matter of time before the next financial crisis will arise. And this time the government won’t have the means to rescue your bank whether it’s Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds or the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Today, , it's legal to open an ‘underground banking’ account. The best part is, you don’t have to have a lot of money for this kind of banking. You can simply start by transferring a little amount as £250 to this 100% safe and risk-free online bank-account and level in profits with the click of your mouse.

There is NO MAXIMUM. High-net-worth individuals could deposit £5 million, £10 million or even £100 million. And they could all see the value of that account grow and at least SIXFOLD within a few weeks!

And what makes it work is, it's unbelievable easy to get started.

Anyone can learn to master this in no time. You don’t need any prior investing experience or business background. You don’t need an education or degree. You don’t need to be good at math either. There is no hard work needed and there is nothing to sell. You won’t have to give up control or follow difficult guidelines. There is no guesswork or ‘luck’ required. Once you get going, it only takes a few hours a week to maintain and watch your account grow. And you can do it all at home, or wherever you want, while you’re doing daily stuff!

Of course, you might be sceptical that something so simple could be so profitable and such a threat to the traditional banking system. That’s why we decided to put this system to the test – and even our skeptics were completely blown away...


The platform took 20 hours to generate a £80.19 profit, which still impressed me alot! I've never puchased Bitcoin before and never made a trade in my life, yet here I was able to generate profits.

I spent about 5 minutes a day checking my results and after 5 days, the platform had traded up to a massive total of £630. That is a 252% increase in my initial deposit. I was starting to become a true believer in this platform.

After 7 Days my initial investment had traded up to £1,930. At this point, my mind was racing with possibilities of all the things I could spend that money on. This is more money than I made at work for the week and I spent less than 30 minutes checking the platform.

I decided to keep my account active for 15 days in total, because I wanted to see how high it could go. My account eventually hit a peak of £7,380.10, but had a negative -£79.51 trade. I looked through my trading logs and discovered that not every trade is profitable, some actually lose money.

The platform isn't magic, but after 70% of my trades were profitable, the net result was I made £7,300.59 from my initial deposit of £250. It took me less than 30 minutes of work a week and absolutely no technical or investing experience.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I decided to use the 'withdraw funds' function to withdraw £7,300.59 from my account.

How I easily withdrew my money from my The Crypto Genius account

All in all, I was able to make £7,300.59 from using The Crypto Genius. I decided to pull my money out to pay for an overseas holiday. When I get back, with the money I've got left over from my holiday, I will definitely reinvest in The Crypto Genius. I may even quit my job!

Note: It took 48 hours for my the money to be deposited into my personal bank account.

Everybody Loves The Crypto Genius

The Crypto Genius has been the greatest investment I've ever made! As a user of the platform, my Bitcoin trading profits have increased by 320% on virtual autopilot.” - Sally Jones

“I've been making huge returns as a user of the platform! My return as a user has been over 630%! I now travel fulltime while trading online! - Rob Waterhouse

“I've gone from somebody who has only heard about Bitcoin to becoming a Bitcoin expert in the space of just 3 months. Making enough profit each day to quit my job soon!" - Jenny Matthews

“I'm still in shock, I first deposited £250 last month and it immediately returned a £73.18 profit after just 3 minutes. That is the biggest and fastest return I've ever seen after 3 minutes. Since then I've made over £25k!” - Sam David

TRY The Crypto Genius FOR YOURSELF

Right now, The Crypto Genius is allowing our readers to try the platform for a minimum initial deposit of just £250. You can withdraw this amount at anytime you want.

Given the massive increase in popularity of the trading platform, this initial minimum deposit may increase!

It is important that you sign up for The Crypto Genius immediately, as we do not know how many places will be available

You can fund your account via credit card or a bank transfer.

PROFIT: £5,552

"I've been using The Crypto Genius for just over 2 weeks, I've taken my initial deposit from £250 to £5,802. That is far more than I make at work."

Kyle McLennan

PROFIT: £9,200

"I've hit over £9,200 in profit after just a month of using The Crypto Genius. Because I can use it on my laptop, I've been travelling around United Kingdom and making money the whole time!"

Jonathan Morris

PROFIT: £22,219

"It's so damn easy to use, even for me! I've never traded before, but I'm making £3,000+ a week and loving life!"

Lilly Peterson

PROFIT: £41,943

"I've been able to finally quit my job, thanks entirely to The Crypto Genius. I've made so much, so easily!"

Fredic Paul

PROFIT: £7,521

"Iv'e only been using the The Crypto Genius for 2 weeks and it has already paid for my European holiday."

Julia Keaton

PROFIT: £58,744

"I teamed up with my best friends and together we've hit the jackpot after just 3 weeks. The trading robot does all the work for you. Together we've made over £17,000 a week"

Jordan Moss & Travis Parks

PROFIT: £12,301

"My Boyfriend was the one who told me about The Crypto Genius and it has changed my live. I've been making over £2000 a week for over a month, with less than 30 minutes of work a day"

Brianna Wiggans

Special Offer

There are three steps to get started:

  1. Sign Up For A Free Account
  2. Deposit The Minimum £250
  3. Use The Genius System To Earn Profits Automatically

Note: You can withdraw your profits or initial deposit at ANY time by using the 'Withdraw' button inside the platform

Out of the 10 invitations The Crypto Genius have given us, there are only 4 left.

Access to The Crypto Genius will close:

(153) people have already signed up today... Hurry!

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Tohloria L

I've been using The Crypto Genius for the past few weeks and I've made small PROFIT of £ 2300. I love it!

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Tanya Porquez

Ik zag The Crypto Genius op het project en heb me gisteren ingeschreven, tot nu toe ongeveer £25 PROFIT.

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Karin J

A friend of mine used this and recommended it to me, now look at it.

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Michael Cash

I am making more PROFIT with my investments than on the normal stock market!

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Theo van Daal

It is so easy to use, you simply deposit the initial amount and the robot does the rest of the work for you.

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Linda Koelman

I saw this on the news. Thank you for sharing this article!

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Martin Vickers

I had heard so much about Bitcoin and everyone used it, I will try it too!

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I've earned more than £ 1430 within a week, I'm about to quit my job and make full-time use of it.

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I bought my first bitcoin yesterday and am very curious to see what this can do for me in the next few days.

Reply. 2 hours ago

Marianne Walstra

Worked for me! It worked exactly as I thought it would to work. Easy enough and I just want others to know it as something works.

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Dean Patrick

I was not very confident when I signed up, but I am like that glad that I did it anyway. I spent £ 89 in the last 2 hours earned with the platform. Very easy and very fast, would not easier

Reply. 4 hours ago

Molly Davis

I just deposited my initial amount. Can not wait to start and see where it leads.

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Jenna Ponchot Bush

This is the easiest way ever to invest in bitcoin, even I could do it while I have no experience at all in the area.

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